Equity Selection

Objective: To have a diversified portfolio of companies whose prospects for price appreciation look attractive over the next 12—24 months.

Macro Economy Overall Economy
Attractive Industry Groups Over next 12-24 months
Micro Economy Specific Companies
Fundamental Analysis Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Technical Analysis Relative Strength vs. Industry Group
Relative Strength vs. S&P 500
Money Flow
200 & 50 Day Moving Average
Point and Figure Analysis
Additional Research Coverage Standard & Poors
Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs
Merrill Lynch
CIBC Oppenheimer
Special attention to specific analyst, including the number of years experience, All-American status, etc.
Equity Selection Once these as well as other factors that principals/portfolio managers have been considered, the security is purchased/sold.
Realized Gain & Losses/Tax Consideration For taxable accounts, will examine year-to-date realized gains and losses. For both taxable and non-taxable accounts will need to monitor position as to size compared to overall portfolio.